Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stop Motion Fun

I had a really fun time in my Stop Motion Animation class today. Opposed to watching dailies for most of the class, we worked the whole 5 hours. We got together in groups of 3 and worked on an abstract, experimental piece. Shell's inspiration for this assignment was Blu's animation Muto:

It was neat to work with our work spaces directly and just go crazy. He encouraged constant movement of everything including the camera to really give the pieces some life. It's a totally different way of working than what I am used too; very intuitive and abstract. It was very freeing as it didn't involve much planning or accurate movements; very spontaneous. A nice change of pace. Probably the most hands on fun I've had in a class so far!


Anonymous said...

Hannah!!! Your stuff is so cool!!! You are so talented! I want to see more. :)

Anonymous said...

You're doing amazing stuff! Got any shorts in the pipeline?

Hannah said...

Thanks so much! I do indeed have a short in the pipeline as you can probably tell from the more recent posts. Will be completed in a couple weeks.