Friday, February 6, 2009


I saw Coraline today. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The animation was amazing for a stop motion film. It was very smooth and expressive! Good inspiration for my current stop motion project which is to animate an expression change. The goal was to get my stop motion done tonight so it was done and out of the way.... that didn't happen. I finished making my clay head model. Started setting up to animate, but then I couldn't get the face to cooperate; couldn't get the right expression. Plus someone was in the studio taking photos of objects so the lighting wasn't ideal and kept changing. In the end, I decided to just call it quits for the night and try again tomorrow. It was good to get the model done and start playing around with the face. Now I know what kind of things to expect and try to figure out the best way to animate.

Tomorrow I also have to work on my nurbs model for 3D Modeling. Nurbs modeling is more powerful than polygon, but also more complicated. Hopefully I won't have many problems.

Lots of work to be done! 

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Anonymous said...

I tried out for Coraline! Awesome studio, everyone was dashing around trying to complete it when I was there last August. Great atmosphere. Really strong coffee!