Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Short Film Animatic

We get to do a short film for the Stop Motion animation class. After much thinking, I decided to animate a story Sam and I came up with freshman year in high school. We came up with a character named Wiggles, who is a penguin rat. She is shunned by the other penguins because she is different. She goes up on the edge a cliff to cry and then one of the 'normal' penguins push her over the edge. They all celebrate. This is where the story original ends, but I added on to the ending. As the penguins celebrate, they hear a honk, turn around, and see Wiggles flying up above them. Their beaks hang open in astonishment. My prof had a funny idea where Wiggles beckons them to join her and they do and fall off the cliff. I think I'll just leave it with the penguins in shock; let the audience make a conclusion themselves... unless I have extra time. :)

Here's my color study and animatic:

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