Monday, March 22, 2010

Barnyard Mayhem Take 2

Just in time for the Merit Scholarship competition, I decided to revisit my short film from last semester and finally finish it! I added an extra scene and addressed some continuity issues that popped up. Some textures were revamped and I ended up using Maya's Physical Sun and Sky for the lighting. My professor wants me to do a HD render of it at some point, so I want to touch up just a couple minor things before I'd do that.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

MCAD Animators

A Silent Film for my Intro to Film class. The only requirement is that it had to be a diary. I chose to do a diary of sorts on animators here at school. Brought a camera along with me to the computer labs to capture the moments that happen. Some are a bit exaggerated, but all a good representation of the life in the computer lab. Focused working is broken up by random moments of silliness and frustration as well the need to act out a scene to analyze the movement and help out friends.

So here's an insight into where I spend the most time and with whom.

Sound will be added on the next assignment.

MCAD Animators from Hannah Strenger on Vimeo.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Our latest Storyboard assignment was to board out a commercial for any product of our choosing. It had to incorporate some sort of Rube Goldberg machine or at least flow smoothly from one thing to another. I went on Rube Goldberg's site for some inspiration and found out there is going to be a competition to make the best Rube Goldberg machine that will dispense some hand sanitizer. I decided to run with that theme for my commercial.

Purell Hand Sanitizer is the only clean aspect of this commercial. Everything else has a sort of 'dirty'/sketchy feel to it. I wanted to contrast the styles to differentiate the machine with what hand sanitizer is all about, keeping things clean!