Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Set Building

I've spent the last couple weeks working on my set and getting things ready to start animating. I glued together pieces of pink form and then carved it into the shape that I want for my set piece. It's a duel set piece; half works for one part of my short and the other half for another. It was fun and also a pain to carve the foam. I had pink foam shavings every where. It especially liked to adhere to my clothes.... I was smart and where black..... I also got my armatures for my penguins set up; wood blocks at the base of the body and head connected by wire. I melted black and white clay to get a charcoal color for the penguins. I dipped the armatures in that so the clay will better adhere once I build up the penguins.

Tonight I primed my set base and the main set piece so I can add any other details to the snowy landscape. I'm going to attempt to get an icy feel to the slide portion. My goal is to get everything ready so I can start animating this coming week.

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