Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Headless Chicken

I finally remembered to snap a picture of the body of the chicken I am modeling in my 3D Modeling class. Here's the completed body. I'm working on the head right now. Everything but the beak is pretty much done. The beak is proving to be a bit complicated as I have to do some extra work to make sure I can animate the beak as I want to. My goal is to get some extreme mouth movements like Foghorn Leghorn. That should be fun to animate! Just hope I can get it to rig right.

In other news, I am working on a project for Ideation called The 5 Obstructions. We had to think up of a project and then get together with a partner and give each other obstructions while making our pieces. I'm animating to a portion of the sound clip of Christian Bale flipping out and my obstructions are:

1. create intuitively
2. use cold color
3. remove one feature from a character u are using. (example, no mouth, or no ears)
4. show "contrast" in your piece
5. The final piece must be projected on an already existing object in the cafeteria or
Student Center, with sound. (this could be a napkin dispenser, or a table, or whatever)

I started blocking out my animation and it is actually quite fun animating to the sound clp.
Although I am not used to using such vulgar sound clips, it is quite expressive.

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