Saturday, December 12, 2009

Barnyard Mayhem

After a semester's worth of hard work, I now have a semi-finished short film! I learned so much doing this film about the process of creating a short as well as what I enjoy doing the most of the process. I am an animator. I absolutely love bringing a character to life. Cluckles was especially fun since he was the first proper model I had created.

There was a lot of frustration on this short. Things would go wrong left and right at the beginning of the semester. As the modeling and textures neared completion and animation got underway, the process became more fun for me. The best part for me though was near the end as I was polishing the animation and everything was coming together. That was what got me through all the late nights!

I am proud of myself. This is some of the best animation I have done so far. I'm excited to see what I will be able to do next semester to further my skills.

I'm going to go back and tweak some of the animation, fix some of the textures, and give it a nice render. But for now, here is a version of my short film, Barnyard Mayhem.

Credit must be given to my friend Mary for doing the chicken noises!

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